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How To Measure Kitchen Countertops – Easy

When shopping for kitchen countertops or any counter surface, the most important information you want to come home with is HOW MUCH? In order to get relevant pricing information, you will be asked for some rough measurements. If you don’t have any, most of the time you will be sent home to take rough measurements and come back. And that’s when the “ahhhs”, “uhhhs” come. How do you take measurements? I know, the struggle is real. Some will simply say I don’t know how to measure or will reluctantly pay for someone to do it.

Measuring kitchen counters is not that complicated as it may seem on those “how to” give-away brochures you’re typically sent home with. Some people get confused as soon as they see graphs, lots of lines, center-line measurements and other series of instructions with unfamiliar terms.

Let me show you how to measure kitchen countertops the simple way for the purpose of getting an estimate. I will keep it simple and easy for you to understand.

You don’t need graph paper nor need some kind of special technical skills to do it. A tape measure and a clean sheet of paper will do.

If you know how to read your tape measure, you can do it. Remember, this is only to get rough pricing information, so you don’t need to worry about getting everything perfect. Close enough is enough for our purpose of getting rough estimate.

I have put together few kitchen countertop scenarios depending on the layout of the kitchen. Just follow the arrow lines in red and you’d be good to go. By the end of this presentation, you should be more confident in taking rough measurements of your countertops yourself and be ready to shop for prices. Let me take you to a short ride on how to measure kitchen countertops.


Galley Kitchen

This galley-kitchen features a bumped out section in front of the cooktop. It means this section of the countertop is deeper usually by about 3-4 inches than a regular counter depth. It is important to measure the deepest point of the counter to get a more accurate pricing.


L-shaped Kitchen With an Island

This kitchen features a rectangular-shaped island and a 45 degree angle inside corner to the right of the sink. Measure wall to wall for the back wall dimensions and point to point for the inside dimensions. Don’t forget to measure the longest part of the island which is in the middle of the curves.


Galley Kitchen with Peninsula

This kitchen features a corner sink at a 45 degree angle. In this case, get the outside and inside length measurements as indicated by the arrow lines. In most cases, peninsula counters are deeper than standard kitchen counter depth.  Notice also, the counter immediately next to the refrigerator is in an angle as well. I also recommend getting both outside (back wall) and inside length measurements. Measure the height of the backsplash from the top of the countertop.


L-shaped Kitchen with Custom-Shaped Island

This kitchen features a custom-shaped island. Measure all sides as indicated by the arrow lines and don’t forget to get the deepest and longest points.


U-shaped kitchen

In this U-Shaped kitchen, you only need about four length measurements. Measure from wall to wall, wall to end of counter and the width of each section. It is good to show or point out wall obstacles to the right of the sink in the picture above, but you don’t necessarily have to provide detailed measurements on that. Leave that for the fabricators and installers.


Countertop fabricators and installers will come out to take actual measurements or template when you are ready. Let them do the more detailed part such as center-lines of sinks and appliances, wall obstacles, accurate angle measurements, sink and cooktop cutouts, electrical cutouts and all that.

If your installer asks you to take the measurements yourself and does not want to take responsibility of measurements, then I strongly recommend you run or fire him before he even starts. That’s a huge red flag and a big no no.

So now that you’ve seen how easy and simple it is to measure kitchen countertops or any counter surfaces, you can now be more confident to shop and request for estimates. Don’t forget to take pictures. Pictures are big help for both parties. Have fun and happy shopping ! 🙂


12 thoughts on “How To Measure Kitchen Countertops – Easy

  1. Wow Sheila, this is a great tool! Very helpful for all kinds of shapes and size kitchens. I’ll be sure to send my clients to this site for reference and help.

  2. Your article makes it a bit easier to make counter-top measurements. Of course there are a lot of people that hire technicians to do this job but I don’t see the reason to spend money on something like this as it is not so hard to do by yourself. Hopefully your article will help a bit to make it easier. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes. I hope the same as well. The goal is to make it easier for an average guys and gals to do it on their own. You don’t really need to hire someone to do this for you if your purpose is just to get estimates in the beginning. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks for this great instructions on measuring countertops for getting an idea of the price of replacement. I think it’s useful to have such a crib when doing this.

    Too easy one can forget some measurements. I still am glad I have only an easy U shaped kitchen witch is the most easy possible for measuring after the galley, of course.

    I think if I had an L-shaped Kitchen with Custom-Shaped Island I’d let someone come and measure it for me, I think that would not increase the price drastically.

    1. You’re welcome Stefan. Thanks for stopping by. This is really to help average homeowner do their homework easily before going out there shopping for estimates. No need for a professional to get the rough measurements you need for estimates. We can do it ourselves. It is actually easier than we think.

  4. Hi Sheila,

    this is a really great post! shopping for countertops has been a nightmare for me. I could never got the right measurements and just kept postponing buying a new one. Needless to say wifey aint happy.

    But now with your post, I can finally get the job done! can tick it of the list of things to do in 2018!

    thanks so much

    1. Great Tarun. I’m glad this post can help as it is my ultimate goal. Remember, the tips and tricks are for the purpose of shopping for estimates only. You would want the professional to do their own measures once you’ve decided on which material to go. 🙂 Best of luck !

  5. Hi Sheila, thanks for your instructions on how to easily measure kitchen counter-tops. I must confess that I used to see this as an upheaval task, but with this your instructions and well detailed laid out pictures, it actually looks simpler and less complicated than I thought. I am definitely going to give it a trial when the need arises, I may not get it right at first trial, but at least I now have your detailed instructions to guide me through the necessary stages.The U-shaped kitchen looks less complicated than the others.

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